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Hard Lump behind Ear


Category : Hard Lump behind Ear

Presence of Hard Lump behind Ear


The presence of hard lump behind ear can be linked with different allergies and diseases. Even though most cases of hard lump behind ear are associated with swollen lymph nodes, it is not uncommon that a lump behind ear is diagnosed as cancer. Therefore, in order to understand this cryptic condition, it is necessary that you take any lump behind ear seriously. Proper medical evaluation and care is required for the lumps behind the ear as these can lead to cancer when ignored. Here are some reasons behind the development of a hard lump behind ear, and the possible prognosis of the condition.


What Leads to a Hard Lump behind Ear?

The answer to the above question requires that we take a look at the different causes of the formation of lumps behind ear. The simplest cause of the formation of lumps behind the ear is related to swollen lymph nodes. Lymph nodes behind the ear can get swollen due to a variety of reasons, with most of them being related to allergies, cold and infection. It is a typical immune response of the body and can lead to the formation of hard lump behind ear. Apart from the common swollen lymph nodes, there are a variety of other reasons that can lead to the formation of lump behind the ear. A cyst behind ear can also be seen as a hard lump behind ear and this is one condition that requires proper medical assessment. There are chances that a cyst behind ear can turn malignant, leading to cancer of the affected cells. Apart from this, conditions like thyroid, syphilis, cat allergies etc. are also responsible for the formation of soft lump behind ear.


Treating a Bump behind Ear

The treatment of the lump behind ear depends on the diagnosis of the condition that has led to the formation of such a bump. The conditions can vary from a mild cold to a major disease that can be life threatening. Once the diagnosis has been done, the problem would be resolved by pursuing a proper treatment method that would handle the underlying cause. A hard lump behind ear is a serious issue and requires that you get proper medical attention at the earliest.

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